This is me working in my favorite joggers with a hole in the back on the dinner table at my parents’ house. I’m Febe, 17 years old, and I customize vintage and secondhand items. Every embroidered item has been made by hand with thread from a fully loaded silver tobacco casket. Every new thread I need, is a new challenge to untie.

From a very young age I have always been pretty creative and always working on new projects, I do admit, I still am. When I started making clothing, it was mostly rearranging jeans by cutting and mixing it with other pairs of jeans. Well, that flopped. Here on your right you see my first pair of jeans, and one of the first crewnecks I embroidered. The adidas one is one of my latest works. I must say, (luckily) I’ve improved.

When I finally found the courage, after all my friends told me my items were beautiful, I started building my very first website. I wanted it to be professional, yet personal. I think my items work the same way. I really want beautiful quality and I rethink every flower I make, to give you something I’m proud of. That being said, thanks for checking out my website and I hope to see you very soon (in one of my items ;))!